For those interested — the Agfa AC adapter outputs 6. Compared with the colours of the ePhoto, the ePhoto has much better lower colour saturation, which gives much more subtle tonal gradation in the red. It may not be as flexible as the Minolta Dimage V with a detachable, tethered lens but it sure takes much better quality pictures. The easiest way to do these tests and see your results quickly is to mount the camera on a small table-top tripod and plug it into the computer and control it via the serial port cable. Excellent resolution and color!

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I did have two ePhoto digital cameras but one had a glossy body texture and one had a matte body texture.

The resolution can be selected easily from the main menu by picking one of the following options: A rotating wheel on the right edge selects capture or playback modes. Using it indoors is a snap and most all of my pictures came out well-focused and colorful using the default “automatic” settings. They do have one of those pull-strap thingees under the batteries which makes lifting them up and out easier. Even at the fastest speed ofBPS it took 17minutes 42 seconds to download a card-full of images.

Later at home these same shots all looked a little dim and had to be brightened by software.

Agfa ePhoto 1680 – Digital Camera

Both of her pupils were brightly lit with the flash and not one single bit of red showed in either eye. Autoexposure override, using a sliding bar controlled by the EasyPilotTM button. The ePhoto can use any external flash digiral a white light slave sensor.


Our sample unit of the included a set of “CleanCell” NiMH cells and a GP charger capable of bringing them to full charge in hours.

So is the ePhoto a professional digiatl We’re not sure how we feel about this: The viewfinder LCD on the ePhoto also has a useful “low light” mode, in which the screen refresh is slowed to allow the CCD to gather more light, creating a brighter viewfinder image. They are Simple Technology brand and work perfectly in the ePhoto I figured this shot would be a disaster at best right? Herewith are the key characteristics of the ePhotoranked in a completely arbitrary order reflecting our own personal biases and dispositions ;- Megapixel Zoom Digital Camera provides three resolution settings up to x pixels interpolated.

Agfa ePhoto – Digital Camera | eBay

We’d thus say that the official ISO rating of 60 is quite conservative, and a practical value of or even would camerq more in line with our own experience. It even has a discharger cycle for NiCd batteries to insure that they are fully charged rather than just topped off. Optical Sensor Size metric. Prompts you to aim the camera at a “known” white source in your subject and then sets the white diggital accordingly.

Set the self-timer for each picture individually defaults to no delay after each shot is taken. Do you have wgfa Agfa ePhoto camera? We measured the power-on delay time at about 8 seconds in REC mode.

Manually set the “neutral” value by which all other colors in your images will be evaluated: Allows you to set the focal distance manually for better control, or to select auto focus for either normal or macro photography.


Agfa ePhoto digital camera (Chip Shop 10/97)

It’s a one way thing. Speaking of batteries, the comes with NiMH rechargable AA-size batteries and a nice table top charger unit – all agfx in the base package!

This car is just the kind of image which this camera might be used for. Camera crops to center of CCD image area automatically switches to resolution, creating a x pixel image. Although it doesn’t have a flash-sync terminal, it can trigger an external flash unit via “slave trigger” devices, which trip attached strobe units in response to a sudden flash of light.

The “” modes dgital x pixels and again, the difference is the amount of image compression applied. PC Card adapter, FlashPath adapter, whatever. We’ve vacillated a bit as to how useful digital zoom is, as compared to true optical zoom lenses.

Agfa ePhoto 1280 (1997)

Apart from that they are both completely identical. Bring both of the images into PhotoShop and use ‘Image Size’ to use bicubic interpolation to increase the resolution of the hi image. This plus the fact that there are advanced options for using the with external flash units makes this camera highly versatile.