Williem the Oonqnanr k repreiented in tbe Bayeux tapeetry wm” ing one. Greek casque in bronze. The boot, derived fran the Kelbe hot foot , was enknoini to sD sneient peoples. Mutt nin of Oeneva. On this point all is uncertain.

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Thero was also to be seen at tho national mosenm of Bavaria at Munich, before M. Aaqrrian dagieer in bronze.

Brigmton bt 117 manual instrucciones

Celt, German, 64 inehes I’ ml’: The length was about seven feet. Digitized by Google Gm’manie Arm in Bronsss.

Fragment of a largo equarc Ger- man ahield in wood ooverad with Inonxe. The Quadi were most probably the only people who had armour made of horn. Digitized by Google Bassinets with Vizors and Neck-guards, Covering of round Danish shield iu brouze, 1 6 inches in diaiueter ; it is liebly omMmnlid, tad bai a pointed bm.

Mutmm of AHiUery, Pari9, Bot-hdmet bfigmton in tSBgea, of the sevwleenth centttry. In England, likewise, these weapons have always boon fonnd in alluvial soils ; but the hatchets iu chipped or rough flint of the Christy collection of London, mentioned in the preceding chapter, may possibly date farther back than the foorth geological epodb.

War-hat in iron, from a MB.


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The warriors on tiie mitre of Seligenthal in Bavaria, on wliich the artist has represented the martyr- dom of St. Point of German lance. Geroian casque with neck guard, of the eleventh wntury, from the embroidery on the mitre Ixlonging to the convent of Seligenthal. M ut brgmton m of CameL The eerth masax, though bearing a Saxon name, is rarely met with in Saxon tombs, nor in those of Northern Germany.

Gvr-500 the Germans continued to make very little use of missile weapons until the invention of the crossbow. The rifling of hand fiK anus was invented in Germany towards the end of – lltteenth century, and a little later it wius uppliud to large cuunons, m may be seen from tho rifled cannon of the sixteenth century in the Museum at the Hague.

For fuller detail, see p.

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The tihape in Tery like that of fhe tenniMn. Boss in iron, belonging to an Anglo-Saxon ihlelcL Cooio Bdigmton ouqne with noBepieoe and neok-gmid. Later on, in the time of Tnyan and of Septimins Sevems, a flexible onirass was added, being either a tqvamaia, composed of small iron or bronze scales sewed on linen or leather, or a hamata, made of metal chains — the same kind of coat bvr-050 mail as those that have been foimd at Avouches, in Switzerland, and which are at present exhibited in the museum of tlnit town.


It is also of this mitten that Bayard speaks when he says, Oe que gantelet gagno, gorgerin le mango. Amhnu Co Utd k m, Mind has found means of resisting and subduing brute force. Digitized by Google Briiish Weapons in Bfwue. It was mostly used for defending ramparts; the length being from three to seven foot. Helmet, probably in bronze, of Assyrian horsumait, drawn from a bas-relief of Hinefidi of the tfane of Baidemipar hn V. The celebrated musenm hiatorioal armour at Dresden, one of the finest in Europe, owes its origin to lltrirv t!: It is a very bcantifU fpeehnen of worionaoehip.

It bus been copied and described by M. It is not enough, though, that these bones and weapons should have been found in alluvial-diluvial districts, for thf-sc might have been subjected to disturbance — a fact which is indeed demonstrated by the “movable deposits.