All of the methods listed above can be accessed without passing a specific adapter to the driver loader as follows: This function will ‘clean’ the entire cache. Unlike caching from the Output Class, the driver file-based caching allows for pieces of view files to be cached. As of version 3. I hope am going to be able to implement this successfully. Please note that if you are not getting any results back or a Null data set.

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The reason I did not go with this approach is because most non-file based cache systems do specify the TTL on storing the data, and as you will see later in the article we want to keep things compatible.

Caching Driver — CodeIgniter dev documentation

That helped a lot. The goal is to save a large set of constants to the cache. The chance that data will be stored on that specific server will also be doubled. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policy cdoeigniter, and that your continued use of the codeogniter is subject to these policies. I’m a little shocked that would be faster though.


The number codeignitet place in web applications where caching is a good idea is on database queries. Well that actually wasn’t too hard. Doing so executes the script on Apache.

I codeigiter bytes per chunk, because this is often the default inode size in linux and this or a multiple of this is generally the fastest.

Caching Driver CodeIgniter features wrappers around some of the most popular forms of fast and dynamic caching.

CodeIgniter User Guide Version 2.2.6

This bug is now fixed, APC is amazing for single-server applications and for the really often used data. I need more space. Codeginiter are stuck with a version though. Not sure if this would be faster, but logic suggests it would be. I hope I explained things well.

In those cases you can update the data using storebut in some cases it is simply more convenient to flush the cache. All of the methods listed above can be accessed without passing a specific adapter to the driver loader as follows:.

Luckily apd can use the php. This allowed me to keep a consistent api across all cache stores. Not too shabby I should think. Caching is very important and really pays off in big internet applications.

Codeiginter files aren’t fast enough for you, and you have enough memory to spare. Again, thanks very much. I updated the code in the article. Have you tried any of these caching libraries with codeigniter 2?


caching – CodeIgniter APC Cache fails to GET – Stack Overflow

As I am noob in OOP php: This function will save an item to the cache store. I could codeignitef it with the getmypid function, which returned a different value upon every request, but only from a limited set. Here’s a simple file-based caching engine. Could you make an example code on how to use it?

Caching in PHP using the filesystem, APC and Memcached

The cache library is clever enough to xodeigniter the best cache driver from the four available ones memcached, APC, file and dummy. Personally I prefer PDO or another abstraction library.

For more information on Redis, please see http: What about making two files: A good reason to prefix all your classes, is that they will never collide with other classnames if you need to include other code.