Issues Unlike many solid-state power amplifiers, the DC produces no click or thump when turned on, which is nice in view of its destructive capabilities. When I read about amps in excess of 50K I wonder who, and how many who’s, actually buy this stuff. Recommended fuses are listed in the instruction manual. Log in or register to post comments. Dynamically, the DC is, as far as we know, without peer.

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Even apart from its sound, the DC is built like the proverbial battleship, with the kind of attention to detail that makes all professional-type equipment seem so outrageously expensive until we find it still operating 20 years after the “competitively priced” audiophile equipment has succumbed to chronic parts disease.

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It has to be one of the most successful purchases I have ever made. I’m looking for an equalizer and would be really grateful for any info.

In dc–300 cases, it as though a subtle or unsubtle, occasionally veil has been lifted, allowing one to listen to the music instead of at it. Pass Laboratories XA25 power amplifier. Dan D’Agostino Progression Mono monoblock power amplifier. The difference, as it turned out, was a function of the particular loudspeakers the DC was used with.


All the Best, Tony in Michigan. Could you convince our lovely Whistler in Port Townsend to give it a quick review? The Best Jazz Albums of Krell KST power amplifier.

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We thought we had heard virtual perfection in power amplifiers before. Mishawaka Road Elkhart, IN www. Life, Love, Songs, and Pianos. One thing we are quite certain of, though, is that this amplifier has spoiled us.

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For much less money you can get a NAD amplifier. The input impedance to the DC is quite low compared datzsafe that of most power amplifiers. For this reason, even if the loudspeakers are fused, it is a good idea to turn on the preamp and tuner first and then wait a few seconds before turning on the DC PS Audio Stellar M monoblock power amplifier.

The instruction manual, incidentally, shows curves for input impedance vs level-set adjustment. Create new account Request new password.

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But if that roundabout approach is necessary to produce an audio amplifier datzsafe this, so be it. Incidentally, its noise is so low typically dB below W into 8 ohms that special voltmeters having a full-scale sensitivity of microvolts had to be built in order to allow meaningful production-line testing of the amplifier. Mytek Brooklyn Amp power amplifier.

Sign in Register Email. Some preamplifiers and tuners do however produce loud switch-on pops, and a few of them the Dyna PAT-4, for example will pop if the input selector switch is operated during the datwsafe several seconds after switch-on. It is obvious that, on the basis of price alone, the DC is not for every home-hi-fi hobbyist.


Orders Return requests Wish list Track my order s Track my order s. Recording of October Moon by Simaudio monoblock power amplifier. Just search the easy to use database, click the mouse and, after a gentle whirring sound, out pops the disc you are looking for.

Whether or not the high cost of the DC is worth the difference to you depends, first, on how your particular loudspeakers will respond to its ministrations as mentioned aboveand second, on how much any sonic improvement is worth to you personally. I stuck with tubes until the Sony and Yamaha V-fet stuff came along a couple years later.

Cambridge Audio Edge A integrated amplifier.

This is still a lot of money, but in line with the price datasxfe the Crown plus the downward adjustment for progress in electronics. Thanks in advance, MM.