A00 I have a new one labeled Rev. If anyone has benchmarks of the earlier XPi’s or of similar laptops or PCs, please e-mail me, and I will post them here. If I need horsepowe,. Set your LCD display to minimum brightness. Aug 25 –

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I was wondering if anyone else was having any similair problem with an older computer and windows 2k?

Screen brightness is average. The highest color resolution you can get at highter resolution is bit 65, colors. Server also usually wants a large amount of ram before it runs smoothly.

Doing so presumably drains less power off the battery. You might be able to find meg edo sodimms too but they probably sell for around bux.

If that isn’t enough, technical support is available world-wide and in soubd cases 24 hours a day, seven days a week via fax, World Wide Web, e-mail, BBS, and even the humble telephone. I also just recently received an emachine 2.

Dell Latitude XPi CD | Applefritter

It’s easy to overlook the fact that performance on this lahitude doesn’t happen by accident; it requires clever engineering, and Dell’s engineers deserve both credit and praise for this.

I will be doing that at the same time. How can I improve and maintain the life of my battery? If it does, you may need to update the drivers for that card.


I’ve found on WIndows 98SE that if you install Internet Connection Sharing on your particular laptop, it will prevent you from going into standby or suspend-to-disk I have no idea if this applies to later Windows versions with ICS.

Here’s where you can get more information regarding battery life and use: Where can I find them if not? I’m not really thinking of upgrading it for the reason that it is just a machine for tinkering around in. When it comes to moving the cursor, the trackball quickly won me over.

Dell Latitude Xpi CD User Manual

Back to top How can I use a joystick sounc gamepad on the XPi? Also, there should be a white sticker beneath that with a few bar codes on it, with some serial numbers and a revision number like Rev.

This should free up enough system resources for sound to work correctly. December 24, – 6: In Winamp, right-click on the lightning icon in your system tray or on the program skin itself and click Options – Preferences – Plug-ins – Output – NullSoft waveOut plug-in. Appli-Card on enhanced Apple IIe. Why are the fonts and graphics pixelated or jaggedy at x resolution? I’ve found that using the port replicator instead of a network pcmcia card for network access improves stability as you don’t have to deal with heat issues caused by the expansion card take out the card while the laptop is in use and you’ll see what I mean.


April 8, – Xxpi should be a fairly usable machine.

Performance-wise, it seems only a tad slower than when I was browsing the web using Firefox on Win December 24, – 8: You can find these at the Dell support site. Where some screens only look their best when your eyes are at a certain “sweet spot,” the XPi CD is more forgiving.

Doing so, as you can guess, makes everything run considerably slower, and most likely makes the battery last longer. If anyone has benchmarks of the earlier XPi’s or of similar laptops or PCs, please e-mail me, and I will post them here.

Dell Latitude XPi CD

Do you read Tenchi Muyo? The battery weighs 0. Click the ‘Buffer’ radio button and increase the amount of seconds of data in the adjacent form field.