Click the General properties tab. Under Address Book, click Choose. Browse to the location of your CardScan Backup file and select Open. Your program should allow the user to verify the information in case there are any mistakes. On the right side, you will see a list of words that say Ignore This Field, which are drop-down menus. Click the Categories tab to display all categories.

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If the file has no copy on CardScan. CardScan was not designed to read drivers licenses and we cannot predict how accurate the results would be.

Feed the new or replacement business card through your scanner. Select or browse for the file to back up and clickNext.

Choose Delete from the Card menu. I recently updated to CardScan 9 and now I am unable to transfer specific contacts? Dymi will be prompted to place a card into the scanner or choose a card from a list, depending on the option you chose.

Select your version of Lotus Notes and click Options. Remember the name and location of the text. You can synchronize your CardScan contacts with Outlook. Choose and open the file into scanndr you wish to paste the cards you copied from the first file.


Click on the Sync Mode tab to select when you want synchronization to take place.

Choose Selected Contacts Only and then Next. Right click the database file and choose properties. Click Edit and select Copy. Use the Mail Merge toolbar to make changes to the source document and complete the merge. Drag the contact on to the CardScan window and release the mouse button.

Dymo CardScan 800c Executive Business Card Scanner

You will see the cards from the first file appear scaanner the List View of the second file. The maximum thickness accommodated by the CardScan series is 1. Select Tools and choose Options. Click OK to extend your time for an additional minutes.

No, the CardScan SDK is designed for applications that require complete control over the scanning and recognition process and, therefore, does not provide any means to control or interact with the CardScan program. If another application supports drag-and-drop, you can drag and drop text into selected fields of a CardScan contact.


Dymo CardScan Portable Executive 800C Business Card Scanner

Inside the directory were you saved all of your vCards drag and drop then into the Contacts folder of the iPod. The Export Wizard will open. Click on your Windows Start button. How can CardScan help me connect my new contacts with my social network sites? Open CardScan and the other application, and size the windows to see both simultaneously.

The new contact appears in the List and Contact List.

CardScan support

When you create a custom export template, it is stored in the directories below with name export. The languages currently supported are: The scanned image is a CardScan proprietary format, which cannot be used by any other program.

Start Intellisync for CardScan and open the Configure screen. Choose which contacts you want to export. Click Next to save the. For example, assign categories Businessand Associate.