After unlocked, the phone will display the name of the registered network and the signal strength. Reset all web page records recently logged in. End the current call. After photographing the screen will show the still scenery taken by the phone the status at this time is called freeze frame status. Add or modify voice mailbox number. Set relevant parameters for the camera. For specific operations please refer to the description in the games.

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Fyl look like metal strips on the battery. After the battery is fully charged, please unplug the phone as soon as possible and take off the charging plug.

Fly B Duo – full specs, photos and more

Enter into short message edit box. Brief introduction Communication control keys Calling key is used to make a call from master card after a number has been entered or selected from the phonebookand also to answer an incoming call. Enable or disable SIM card lock. Press the right soft key to directly access the phonebook.

Reset all web page records recently logged in. You can also reset the last call duration, dialed calls duration, received calls duration. Page 14 charger or battery that is damaged. Page 81 includes international and domestic roaming. Calculator in the phone can perform sequential four arithmetic operations, which is simple, dko and convenient.


Choose to enable or disable the receiving of network service message.

After photographing the screen will show the still scenery taken by the phone the status at this time is called freeze frame status. For specific functions please refer to the section of function menu – phonebook. Used to unlock the SIM card.

FLY B700 Duo

During menu operation, functions of the left and right soft key are displayed at the bottom line of the screen and they are closely related to the current state of the phone.

Operation instruction of English input method The phone is used for purpose in English. Delete the selected voice mailbox number. Please contact your network supplier if you do not know the PIN code. Page 15 batteries according to local regulations.

Set browse style of photos. Send the message to several receivers. You can only talk to one party while another party is held at the same time. Safety Warnings And Notice Items and entertainment. Please handle the SIM card with care, twisting or pressing it may cause damage.


PIN2 It is a Personal Identification Number required when using specific functions provided by the network, such as charge information etc. Factory default setting of the phone will be restored after this function is selected.

Choose whether to cly you call duration during a call prompted by a “tick” Send the multimedia message to the corresponding receiver.

Fly B Duo overview

Check if the charger is connected with the phone correctly. Choose whether to enable or disable displaying time and date on standby interface. Is the SIM card registered in the network? You can also browse photo, audio and video files do in the phone or T-Flash card via the computer. Input the content of the message.

Safety and Precautions 1. Page 36 phonebook record.