Googled around and i think it is something to do with the driver. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Make sure you get the correct type of cables to go from the card to the drives. I wasn’t even aware this can happen Forums New posts Search forums.

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Plus eah group, depending on your choice, would have it’s own parity drive, so less overall space. Intel Core i 3.

I was more thinking of the scenario where you run out of space, and want to buy another drive to get more space. I will post any progress I make.

According to the Amazon page it reads: Well it still needs a username and password so its not like its fully exposed. Forums Freebas posts Search forums. It imported as “da0” I need more time to toy with it though.

Joined Nov 14, Messages 1, Thanks You can run ZFS on Linux. I am already running 9. Want to add to the discussion? As for the cost argument, it freennas isn’t much more expensive, especially if you go AMD.


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I have read online that the card only supports i and amd We have a wiki, you should check it out! I only mention it because you look like you’re planning almost rofketraid same thing I was, even down to it running Rocektraid which mine does also. Wherether you think it is worth it is up to you. RocketRAID 27xx controller driver v1. Intel is traditionally the only one who would lock out features in certain price ranges.

HighPoint RocketRAID SGL Need How to – XigmaNAS

The important sections freebas dmesg are: I am seeing the same type rocketrxid error with increments. As a side note, I used to work for Intel Here is my experience with that one: Their are many different BIOS flashes out there. You can download your favorite Linux distro and load it up.

Don’t get the right angle ones they won’t plug in to the M Please share a link if you know a better suited controller. This is an easy way to save some money. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. It shows that FreeBSD 9.


You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. This card is not yet supported by N4F.

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Interestingly enough now that the card is in RAID mode, it doesn’t ask me to do the initializing like I rocketrajd to do back with original firmware? You can do intel as well, but ecc support is limited based on the chipset which tends to be pricier as well as having a very restricted processor choice. And we’re trying really hard not to forget.