After registering you’ll receive a few emails. It’s actually a link to cancel the registration! Any secondary market prices of the notes will likely be lower than the original issue price of the notes because, among other things, secondary market prices take into account our internal secondary market funding rates for structured debt issuances and, also, because secondary market prices a exclude selling commissions and b may exclude projected hedging profits, if any, and estimated hedging costs that are included in the original issue price of the notes. If you cannot read katakana , maybe it’s time to learn. However, in cases where a company pays a special cash dividend in a recurring cycle e. The original issue price of the notes is equal to the estimated value of the notes plus the selling commissions paid to JPMS and other affiliated or unaffiliated dealers, plus minus the projected profits losses that our affiliates expect to realize for assuming risks inherent in hedging our obligations under the notes, plus the estimated cost of hedging our obligations under the notes. You may revoke your offer to purchase the notes at any time prior to the time at which we accept such offer by notifying the applicable agent.

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With respect to each Index.

You should consider your potential investment in the notes based on the ybbb for the estimated value of the notes and the Contingent Interest Rate. A portion of the profits, if any, realized in hedging our obligations under the notes may be allowed to other affiliated or unaffiliated dealers, and we or one or more of our affiliates will retain any remaining hedging profits.


Investors should also be willing to forgo fixed interest and dividend payments, in exchange for the opportunity to receive Contingent Interest Payments. The historical closing levels of each Index should not be taken as an indication of future performance, and no assurance can be given as to the closing level of any Index on the Pricing Date, any Review Date or any day during the Monitoring Period.

Small capitalization companies may be less able to withstand adverse economic, market, jbb and competitive conditions relative to larger companies. The actual Initial Value of each Index will be ybh closing level of that Index on the Pricing Date and will be provided in the pricing supplement.

Number of Contingent Interest Payments. You may not be able to sell your notes.

First of all, before beginning, you will need to have the following information: Even in cases where we elect to redeem your notes before maturity, you are not entitled to any fees and commissions described on the front cover of this pricing supplement.

With respect to each Index, the closing level of that Index on the final Review Date.

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Under a recent IRS notice, withholding under FATCA will not apply to payments of gross proceeds other than any amount treated as FDAP Income of a taxable disposition, including an early redemption or redemption at maturity, of the notes. Actually, you’ll probably get some anyway–leaving this checked will get you even more. BB button as shown here: On or about May 5, STOXX and its Licensors do not make any warranty, express or implied and disclaim any and all warranty about: Your ID and Password are both on the first page of your Yahoo!

I suggest you just choose the last item in each list which is “other. Subject to completion dated May 4, On or about Tbb 10, The notes may yvb redeemed early, in whole but not in part, at our option on any of the Interest Payment Dates other than the final Interest Payment Date.


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With respect to each Index, This initial predetermined time period is intended to be the shorter of six months and one-half of the stated term of the notes. Accordingly, you should ybg able and willing to hold your notes to maturity. Enter a minimum of 4 letters. The actual Contingent Interest Rate will be provided in the pricing supplement and will be at least 7.

The original issue price of the notes will exceed the estimated value of the notes because costs associated with selling, structuring and hedging byb notes are included in the original issue price of the notes.

What was the name of your 1st love? As a result, we are dependent upon payments from our affiliates to meet our obligations under the notes. Closing Level of Least Performing Index.

In addition to paying regular dividends, a company may at times pay special cash dividends. Closing Level of Least.

The Estimated Value of the Notes. You will be going to pages that are displayed in Japanese. The value of the derivative or derivatives underlying the economic terms of the notes is derived from internal pricing models of our affiliates.

Additional Terms Specific to the Notes.