Click View installed printers or fax printers. For more information, see “Adding or replacing memory” on page The LED shows the battery activity and status. See the program documentation to find out more about the function key actions. The max point reward for answering a question is Your e-mail messages arrive at most e-mail addresses in minutes. That’s the built-in wireless network card had no idea this computer had one, I inherited it.

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Type the keyword alarm options in the Search box scarrfi Q, then click the arrow. You may not be able to play these discs on your notebook. Exposure could damage the data on the diskette. The Windows Security dialog box opens.

Full text of “Gateway Laptop Service Manual: ROG RGH USER MANUAL”

For more information, see “Recharging the battery” on page and “Changing batteries” on page Provides all the features of a full-sized key keyboard. If you cannot find newtork file you want to delete, see “Searching for files” on page Type the keyword checking for disk errorsin the Search box search I D, then click the arrow.


Installing your old programs You probably use some programs that did not come installed on your new notebook, such as personal finance software, graphics programs, or games.

If the recordable disc drive is not in the nerwork bay, you need to swap modules. For more information, see “System key combinations” on page See “Changing batteries” on page for more information about using an additional main battery and a secondary battery in your notebook.

To use the Start menu: Your e-mail messages arrive at most e-mail addresses in minutes. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: When the checks are finished, Windows starts. The Advanced Appearance dialog box opens.

Many PC Cards and Microdrive cards use a small amount of power while inserted, even if they are not being used. You can open windows in your notebook desktop and drag them over to the external monitor.

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The Burning Process screen opens. The Nero Toolbar opens. For more information, see “Connecting to a wired Ethernet network” on page 39 and “Networking Your Gateway ” on page How can this be resolved. Using the Internet 82 www. Playing multi-player games With a home network, you can play multi-player games.


In Standby mode, your notebook reduces or turns off the power to most devices except memory. Insert the main battery into this bay.

Can’t access gateway 450rog wireless! Is there a toggle? Do I need to install a driver?

This is the password you need to enter at startup. Turn on Pad Lock so you can use the numeric keypad.

Look for network interface devices, especially any that have yellow warning icons marked on them. Type the keyword games or network games in the Search box search I B.

Gateway 450ROG Setting Up

The Preparing the Cover Page screen opens. If you have chosen America Online as an ISP, follow these gsteway to set up and connect to your account. Move the pointer on the screen. The Start button provides access to programs, files, help for Windows and other programs, and computer tools and utilities.