Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! Important If your computer does not turn off, press the power button on the front of the computer case. Page 73 Clean up hard drives page 74 Scan hard drive for errors page 75 Defragment hard drive page 77 Back up files page 79 Clean computer case page 81 Clean keyboard page 82 Clean computer screen page 82 Clean mouse page 83 www. Gateway Micro Tower Case Slide the power supply toward the front of the case, then up. Page 43 HelpSpot You can find help information by clicking a link, performing a search, or browsing the index. Click to get a list of Gateway telephone Call Us numbers for both sales and support. Pin 1 and corresponds with Pin 1 on the drive typically on the side farthest from the power supply connection.

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If the disc has two playable sides, place the disc so the name of the side you want to play is facing up. Page Pin 1 and corresponds with Pin 1 on the drive typically on the side farthest from the power supply connection.

Gateway E-4000 User Manual

Gateway maintaining and troubleshooting: The red-striped edge of the data ribbon cable indicates Pin 1 and corresponds with Pin 1 on the drive typically on the side farthest from the power supply connection. Telephone gatesay Telephone support Gateway offers a wide range of customer service, technical support, and information services.


To avoid scratching the case, place it on a towel or other non-abrasive surface. When prompted, insert the yellow Applications CD sthen click Continue The Gateway Application Loader automatically installs gatewa drivers and programs. Page Chapter 8: Posted on Dec 21, Gateway Micro Tower Front Chapter 1: Replacing etyernet system board System Board Layout Features System board layout The following illustration shows the system board divided into two sections: Page Do not connect these devices to the same telephone line as the modem.

Diskette drive Eject button Activity light www. If you are using external speakers, see the speaker setup poster to check your speaker connections. Troubleshooting F1 while your computer restarts.

Store the shield in a safe place in case you have to reinstall it. Drivers and Application Recovery Gateway 4-bay Small Form Factor case Adding or replacing add-in cards An add-in card is a card used in the computer to add functionality to the system.

Getting Help Getting Help This chapter tells you about additional information resources gatewya to help you use your computer. Bezel release tabs www. Gateway Micro Tower Case Slide the release lever back toward the rear of the case. F1 while your computer restarts.

SOLVED: Need drivers gateway E for windows xp – Fixya

Wait until files have been printed before sending additional files to the printer. Reconnect the power supply cables using your notes from Step 3.


Page Warning Do not touch the contacts on the bottom part of the add-in card. If you install a new device, you need to install the drivers provided by the device manufacturer. Make sure that the pins are not bent or misaligned.

Need drivers gateway E4000 for windows xp – Gateway E-4000 PC Desktop

Closing The Case Chapter 7: Right-click the hard drive that you want to defragment, for example Local Disk C: PC Doctor is a comprehensive hardware diagnostic and system information tool that can test your computer and determine its configuration.

Try these link,hope it helps with what you are looking for. Adding or Replacing Components Rotate the power supply retention clip away from the power supply. Cleaning The Mouse Shut down your computer, then disconnect the mouse. F4000 creating data creating music AC power connector drive accessories eject button safety precautions inserting add-in card troubleshooting See card CD drive AGP expansion slot eject button audio identifying drive headphone jack location line in jack replacing line out jack troubleshooting microphone jack using