The D3 suits me a bit more. Notice how the dots on the D2 and D3 face are between the lines, not next to them. Though I disliked the sole design on the H and F3 , it strikes me as far more appropriate on the driver. I get that all the series drivers are. I was very impressed with the feel of the driver I had bought a Titleist 3 wood and Hybrid about a month a half ago for the same reason and the ball flight I was getting, not to mention the distance. The D3 eases the requirements for me to hit a draw.

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Are they going to make new drivers next year or stick with the series for another year? I liked the Dcomp over the D2 and the D3 due to the fact that I like a shallower face.

Another option I’m looking at is just to re-shaft them but I’m giving it a few more rounds before I decide on what to do. It also means that the probability of getting the shaft out in one piece and therefore not having to drill out the remaining shaft piece in the hosel is higher.

909 F3 reshaft

Is the feel of the d3 any better than the d2? Thanks for the review as it helped me in some of the decision making process too. As far as length goes, I have never pulled a sure fit tip then put it into another head.


Volume One Hundred Eighty Two. Give it another shot, it’s a great head and IMO the control and flight into the wind is much better with the new heads.

You just need a new reshatf to put adjustable shaft tip on another shaft. Righties also get an This saves internal weight, provides a solid feel, and allows for more shaft options.

I tried this and was amazed.

I know it is a low launching low spinning too but im not sure which loft. The D2 is a cc titanium driver with a full pear profile and mid launch characteristics with low to mid spin. Namely, ball flight was a bit higher than I liked with limited ability to lower it at least, not without adding too much spin and the ball tended to stay left a little more than I like. I had a R and used that for about two or three years but when the range came out i decided to purchase the D3 9.

What would be my best options here? While the D2 looks quite a bit like D2 at address paint treatment asidethe D3 has the killer looks in my book.

A few guys I know really like it though. The D3 is an all-around better driver for me than D2, and would be even if the only factor by which it had improved was a decrease in spin.

I know that the d comp did not fit your recommended launch conditions and spin rate, etc. Remember me This is not recommended tirleist shared computers.


All I have just put a D3 8. Is there really a big difference in forgiveness between the d comp and d3? It was close between the R9 and D2 and then I asked to try the D3.

I also think it launches the ball a tifleist higher which I don’t like. Please re-enable javascript hpw access full functionality. Anyone here done it?

Click through for the rest. Same as most clubs. The D3 is again 20cc smaller, and the difference is subtle, but noticeable if you look for it or set the two models side by side.

Swingweight fitting question – Club Fitting – Team Titleist

Does that affect to loft of the club, ie reduce the loft by. You said the SW seems a little light, what SW should they be playing at considering the specs?

The drivers all ship with the headcover you see here. I have tried the D2 with the V2 shaft and loved it and am tempted to buy one secondhand.