Everyone is always very nice and respectful. I did it just in case. Next, type in su. This is necessary or it will not work. But the device can be found if it is booted into the android OS. Follow the steps to unlock the bootloader and, when you have done that successfully please proceed to the next step. Yes you do need a goldcard.

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Are you a developer? I did request that you download CyanogenMod 7. You can choose to select yes to this, but i would suggest saying “no” because its an older version. This is now unnecessary if you bootlodaer S-OFF. The steps are very simple and you should not run into any trouble. Use the second method ONLY if the script did not work. Sabsa Prime v12 very few bugs as well as a number of different mods that you can add from the installer and ViperVIVO 1.

How To Root The HTC Droid Incredible | FlexiSPY Blog

On your PC go to C: I have personally tried all the Jellybean 4. Click here to learn more about our rooting service. Once done restart the phone. Copy and Paste the Key to notepad or something.


{[GUIDE]} HTC Incredible S Unlock Bootloader, flash recovery, Root, S-OFF

Then type in fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork I don’t know if it may cause the issue. The script turned your SD card into a goldcard.

But the device can be found if it is booted into the android OS. If i recall correctly, the first question was are you running official ICS unlocked bootloader.

In the downgradekit folder, you should now have the “runme. Click download from Windows Fill out the Beta Key form: Before performing any of these steps make sure you back up your Android device completely. If you obtainthis means you have root access.

Unlock Bootloader Of Any HTC Android Device Without Voiding Your Warranty | Redmond Pie

The method works on S-on, stock recovery devices. It is really simple the way the person describes the process.

This means that your phone might not be compatible with this guide. Just answer the questions honestly, and the script will do its stuff. Tog et into the bootloader, power down, then hold Volume Down and press Power button at the same time. This next part is really optional but it will help you be more tidy and orderly. Two separate rooting methods have allowed boatloads of Samsung and Motorola devices running Gingerbread to be rooted using the same simple methods, and now, those running almost any HTC Android device can unlock their bootloader without jeopardizing that all-important warranty.


Developers spend a lot of time making their respective ROMs. I will be referring to this throughout the guide.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, i have decided to post a Youtube clip which gives you verbal and graphical instructions on how to run Revolutionary. You can download it from here. If you fancy unlocking your bootloader, but have been put off somewhat by the cries of voided warranty, then this method should — without doubt — be the avenue you opt to go down.

X with Sense 4. This is updated once a month by the OP and has everything you need to get started. Great job out there devs Ones i liked in particular are From Jellybean 4.