We took the conservative approach, and by default have disabled support when we use HtmlUnit. Often in practical use there are many DOM elements with the same class name, thus finding multiple elements becomes the more practical option over finding the first element. To install Selenium means to set up a project in a development so you can write a program using Selenium. Speaking about mobile automation, Selenium also has an iPhone Driver iPhone Driver wiki article and Android Driver Android Driver wiki article See also this presentation Unfortunately I can not give you my working experience evaluation of mobile drivers as I deal with web automation no mobile. Additional information will be provided as we go which should make this chapter more solid.

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For those familiar with Selenium-RC, this is quite different from what you are used to.

What Is Headless Browser? Screenshots are desirable for bug analysis.

You want to connect to a remote machine that has a particular browser version that is not on your current machine. It has fairly good JavaScript support which is constantly improving and is able to work even with quite complex AJAX libraries, simulating Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer depending on the configuration used.

Often in practical use there are many DOM elements with the same class name, thus finding multiple elements becomes the more practical option over finding the first element. A headless browser is a web-browser without a graphical user interface.


You can see the browser and the test execution in action. Also know that Cucumber automation tool is popular among mobile automators. As the name suggests, this is based on HtmlUnit. See the Internet Explorer section of the wiki page for the most up to date info.

Speaking about parallel testing, it better to use selenium grid.

Headless Browser Testing Using HtmlUnitDriver in Selenium WebDriver

webdrivet IE 6,7 and FF3. All of these can be found in the lib directory of the HtmlUnit installation. AutoIt v3 is also freeware. To include Selenium in your project, simply download the latest selenium-dotnet zip file from http: If you test JavaScript using HtmlUnit the results may differ significantly from those browsers.

Native events are required to be enabled. Example of to find the cheese below: The unit tests of some well-known JavaScript libraries are included in HtmlUnit’s own unit tests; based on these unit tests, the following libraries are known to work well with HtmlUnit: Example of how to find an element that looks like this: So the browser-specific drivers rather than HTMLUnitDriver is better debdriver they test out exactly how the browser will behave – but this comes at a cost that browser pops in and out on your screen just a minor annoyance when you are running your test locally you see this browser app pops in and out by itself – There’s no way around not having the actual browser load up other than using HTMLUnitDriver?


Comparatively slow though still pretty snappy! Teaching Ruby development itself is beyond the scope of this document, however there are many resources on Ruby and likely developers in your organization can help you get up to speed. First, create a folder to contain your Selenium htmluint files. This is primarily provided for backwards compatibility. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. You are not using the Java bindings i.

All calls to driver will now be interpreted as being directed to the particular window. Maven will flr the java bindings the Selenium 2. Unzip the contents of the zip file, and add a reference to each of the unzipped dlls to your project in Visual Studio or your IDE of choice.

Ethical Hacking Informatica Jenkins. We could test our scripts on different browser versions using HtmlUnitDriver.

Selenium Headless Browser Testing: HTMLUnitDriver & PhantomJS

Here’s one for the entire domain the cookie name here is ‘key’ and its value is ‘value’ driver. Very good support see unit test here Dojo 1. This is presented, along with other advanced topics, in the next chapter.