Normally I run my devices at full or near full brightness. Next on the list is WiFi. Some users have reported problems while others have reported everything checks out. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. In any case, a SDIO slot has been included so in case there isn’t something embedded you want, you can use that.

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Review: i-mate PDA2k – Dave’s PDA Place

Under the battery is the SIM card holder. The application included is scaled down which may not be appreciated pda22k the general user and adds an additional area for confusion when configuring wireless since parts are still done through the Windows Mobile interface. Now, on screen buttons don’t get pressed, pad2k usually the screen will get smudged after using it. The camera is good for quick snapshots, but that is about it.

The device requires someone that wants to be always connected, needs access to the internet and email, always has a phone with them, and wants a device that won’t let them down when they need it most.

i-Mate PDA2k – GSM – smartphone

Some users have u-mate problems while others have reported everything checks out. Having more buttons gives you more options for how to control your device. The right side of the device is smooth while the left side of the device has two more buttons, up down control which I don’t think works particularly easily and the IrDA port.

On the cell phone side for things, I have noticed the radio in the PDA2k is relatively strong compared to my phones and others those around me use as I was often able to get service where others phones may not be able to. Phone Features Phone Functions.


I-mate PDA2k Specs & Price – smartphone

You can specify if you want better performance or the best possible battery life. CE Input Device Type. It is a pinnacle of style, power, and functionality all rolled into one device. The back of the device has the camera as well as the removable battery that is latched by a small easy to open latch on the bottom back of the device.

Dave’s Score – 8. It is really easy to press and direct, which is very good. I often use WiFi in my daily life and love having it embedded in the device instead of having ii-mate use a card. At first I just discounted it as either standard cell phone issues or that I was mumbling. Mobile Accessories by Jason Cipriani 4 days ago.

Huawei exceeds million smartphone shipments, setting company record It credits the success of its P20 and Honor 10 phones, among others. While you can’t type on it pd2ak a regular keyboard, I still have good luck using my thumbs. Memory Supported Flash Memory Cards.

To use it, all you have to do is press the camera button once to get the live feed on screen and a second time to capture a still image.

The 9 best streaming services Phones by Rick Broida 4 days ago. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. But if you have the money, want power, and need connectivity, the i-mate PDA2k could be right device for you. While it is often slower than other options specifically compared to WiFiit is an extremely available option as cellular networks are much more available than open WiFi networks.


Since one of the primary functions dpa2k this device is as a phone, I do feel that this should have been worked out so the device would provide a clear signal for the caller.

i-mate PDA2k

The big reason for why Bluetooth is a good idea on this device is because the device is a phone and new Bluetooth headsets are a great addition to using the device as a phone. I have big hands, so I like keys to be of substantial size and easy to press. Watch movies for free: A place where this came in handy was on campus at school where there is only a couple WiFi points spread across campus. Bluetooth is becoming a must have for a lot of people, though I have been slow to adopt it in my general use.

One worry about the size and weight was if the device was weighted correctly for controlled use of the keyboard, but the top of the device, when open, does not change the weight distribution to much. The screen is bit color with a max resolution of x no VGA supportand has a surprisingly vibrant screen.

Digital Camera Optical Sensor Type. The cradle really isn’t anything special.