If there are problems starting the computer, then as from DOS version 6. Commercial- and shareware-programs that can make disk partitioning without loss of data are available, for example PowerQuest’s PartitionMagic. BAT or a specified file or directory does not exist. It can be loaded from autoexec. I’ve tried three different “universal” IDE CDROM drivers, each recommended somewhere on these forums, each loaded using a devicehigh statement in config. Though, i do know that the ‘ DrWebDem ‘ demo by Caldera did use it. In many cases, the installation programs provided with CD-ROM drives have limitations or bugs, in which case the manual installation approach should work.

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MS-DOS Command –

Also, be sure that you do not copy these files from loas startup disk to your hard drive. COM to this diskette. I used Arachne 1.

Options Help Chat with a consultant. I’ve managed to format the disk and get the three disk images I’m using 6. The amount of loda space is among other things dependent on the size of the disk, as the waste is bigger on large disks, because DOS has to use larger clusters allocation units on large disks than on small disks. Anyway, everything goes OK up to inserting the second floppy.


I use QEMM v. BAT can be seen in the chapter: Thereafter you can edit the line in one of these two files where the problem occurred. Famous last words This is sketchy; nevertheless I hope it gives you enough hints to try it. Then run the following command: Turns off automatic stacking of floppy-drives. Then I decided to install a DOS 6.

Sets the compression to minimum fastest.

Microsoft DOS mscdex command

If there is not enough Upper Memory for all drivers and TSR programs, then line 11 can be extended to: Refer to mscex documentation or website for jumper info. If the driver for a particular CD-ROM drive has been lost, it is usually possible to download a driver from the manufacturer’s web site.

Therefore I hereby pass on some advice about that subject. Often when I stand in line in a computer store I have seldom seen that there isn’t a waiting lineI have experienced that a great many of the problems, the customers complains about, are due to improper setup of these two files. Because of FAT32 the harddisk has to be partitioned and formatted again, and Windows 95 and all your applications has to be reinstalled.

Also, any other drives on the same cable must also be correctly jumpered as master or slave.

States in which directory Stacker is installed. SYS must both be located in the root directory of the boot drive, which may be a floppy drive A: This might lead to a third UMB nscdex placed after the page frame.


Next, configure your autoexec. I notice that this problem doesn’t arise in FreeDOS.

Guide to &

However, if you have a large harddisk 4 Gb or moreharddisk partitioning can still give you a better overview of your folders and files. If there is not enough Upper Memory for all drivers and resident programs, the line: The translation is awful in places and even more difficult to understand than the original English, but that goes for the Danish Microsoft MS-DOS version 7.

DAT files looks like the following. Windows looks for the file C: Other files that should be copied to the boot diskette are: I’m especially interested in whether anyone else has seen the second problem?

This program fixes the problem. BAT mscddx searched for, and the lines herein are executed, if this file exists. Normally, the driver for the CD-ROM drive will be present on the diskette, perhaps in a subdirectory.