Enter your log in email address and we’ll send you a link to reset your password. Sell images Our Blog. If Colt was in it to win it: Including the which has been tested time and time and proved to break just as much as the M4A1, yet costing 5x as much. Make sure to specify which. Got them all, DI and Piston…prefer piston in the end…reliability, and clean up, with accuracy the same.

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Look at the fine print originally published in Internal mechanisms have also been changed to increase durability and reliability.

Continue Cancel Send email OK. The Colt data says they use a carbine length gas system. Also glad to see they went Mlok versus the much weaker Keymod.

Colt “M5” Enhanced Carbine Introduced at BIDEC

Law enforcement still uses even semi-auto versions of the M4. We’ve sent an email to Please follow the instructions to reset your password.

The AR platform is also completely familiar to general infantry personnel, which is important. Updates can be accomplished in two ways: The official Colt release statement does not mention piston operating systems. I believe Barrett has made this process easier on their rifles at least as of according to their debut at SHOT show.


Actually in Taiwanese army right now and can confirm T91 is probably the closest piston AR to a legit AR15 that works fine. Pretty sure if you could bang this rail on its nut with the included anti-rotation tabs hard enough to throw off the mobikeforce you would be talking about torqueing the upper receiver itself to the point of damaged beyond use. Yes, because the government still uses 4 pos buffer tubes.

Now with 5x the surface area of our competitors. But hey, at least they got a Geiselle rail and not HKeymod. I think 8lb is either the projected weight of the piston M5 that may later exist, or someone filled the rear part of bolt carrier with tungstan and made the buffer from billet tungstan steel.

They actually posted that as an upgraded feature of the M5. Has Colt seriously been doing the 4pos stock all this time up until now? William Moran, chief of naval personnel. Just go away already. Production started, in very small numbers inand stopped in David Crane started publishing online in A good example is ambi bolt and magazine releases. UH Blackhawk helicopter flight crews of the battalion are participating in the U.

New Motorola Moto Z force droid phone on an isolated background. Just with a spring and guide rod in a different spot. I am a fan of FSPs on fighting rifles but in this utility it is superfluous. Got them all, DI and Piston…prefer piston in the end…reliability, and clean up, with accuracy the same. I would avoid a proprietary fore-end and design a AC series fore-end in Mlok to try to strike a balance between strength and weight: Final handguard material is still under evaluation.


Issuing SOF and general infantry forces the same weapons platform and operating system is probably another good idea from a training, morale, and long-term cost standpoint.

Colt is like Ford from back in the day.

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At least in my kilogram-centric eyes. So again, unless something drastic changed in 7 months, these rifles are DI and armyrecognition dot com made one more mistake in their website filled with mistakes. My knowledge on piston ARs are all internet hearsay.

Lemme get cheaty up in there and ooohhh weee!!!